How to find the BEST New Bern Family and Child Photographer

As a New Bern Family and Child Photographer, I have made it my personal mission to offer couples planning a family portrait session for any destination throughout North Carolina a state of the art experience in terms of professional family photography.  My full service studio is located conveniently in New Bern NC on Glenburnie Rd.


I focus on serving the New Bern, Havelock, Morehead City and Emerald Isle, and other North Carolina and Crystal Coast cities with fabulous beach and urban scenery. I would consider myself one of New Bern's family and child photography specialists in relaxed storytelling of your personal family dynamic. While I am physically located in New Bern, I do offer my services as a New Bern family and baby photographer to Emerald Isle and Crystal Coast area families planning a relaxed and natural family photography session in any of the surrounding New Bern or Morehead City venues.  


When seeking out your family photographer in North Carolina or specifically New Bern here are some key points that, as a professional New Bern family photographer, every family and parent should consider when looking for the best family photographer in New Bern.  I specialize in studio photography of babies, children and familes.



When selecting your family or childs photographer in New Bern you are selecting more than just a photographer for your family.  You are, in most cases, hiring an individual who will spend time with your child and your family and who will capture your interactions in a laid back and natural way. Personality is a major factor in the selection process when it comes to North Carolina family and child photographers and should not be taken lightly. An awesome New Bern family photographer's personality can often set the tone for your entire session, how you as a family interact, how your children respond to you, and in some cases how the stress level during your entire family session . Ultimately, if you dislike your family photographer's personality, it can have a hugely negative effect on your family session in its entirety. In most cases, you will be establishing a relationship with your family photographer over the course of your family session planning and beyond that should contribute to the love of their personality, making you want to spend more time with them. Surrounding yourself with individuals and vendors whom you love is key to experiencing an amazing family and child photography session.



When viewing photographs of various New Bern familyphotographers or Havelock child photographers I would strongly suggest comparing their family photography style. Again, are you selecting a family, child or newborn photographer based on pricing alone? Do you love the style in which they photograph? Family photography style differs between each family photographer in the New Bern area. If you have found a family photographer whose personality you love, ask yourself if you love their style. Can you imagine decorating your home with their style of family and child photography and looking at it for years and years to come? Most people would not go shopping for home decor to place the most unattractive decorations in their home just because it fit into their budget. You should feel a personal attachment to the stylistic approach of your family photographer. At the end of the day, a high end, professional New Bern family photographer should be providing you with family photography and artwork that you love and want to show off and/or showcase in your home.  Family photography style and the personality of your chosen family photographer in New Bern should trump price.


Let's consider my lifestyle approach as a professional New Bern family and child photographer. Take a good look at my online galleries as you should ANY professional Emerald Isle or Morehead City family and child photographer that you may be considering. If you are a family vacationing on the beach, a loving family who wants a great family session, or a parent looking for natural photos of your child that will last a lifetime, you may truly enjoy my attention to detail and relaxed approach as a New Bern family anc child photographer. Most of my families find that my specialty is in the photography of natural families and children.  I strive to be the best studio photography experience in New Bern NC.



On that note, let's talk about pricing. While price and budgeting is always a factor when selecting your family photographer, there are many other factors that should play into your overall decision beyond just price alone. There are far too many families who wish they would have selected a top of the line family photographer after selecting their family photographer on price-point alone and regretting their decision to do so. Said individuals typically select a budget family and child photographer for obvious budget reasons or have a family friend hold the responsibility of capturing their amazing family photos. This is a choice that comes embedded with too much risk and often becomes a mistake in the end that can not be changed. Don't compromise on the family photos that you will be left to look at for the rest of your life. Often, investing an extra $200 may seem like a large amount in the front end of the family photography budget but, when you get those budget family photos in your hand you may wish you would have spent double that $200 just to make sure you weren't heartbroken over your families or childs memories. Again, find a New Bern or Emerald Isle photographer's personality and style that you love and make it one of your top priorities.


I am a New Bern family and child photographer with a studio based in New Bern NC offering baby, child and family photography in surrounding cities and suburbs such as New Bern, Havelock, Morehead City, Jacksonville, Emerald Isle and any other cities in the Crystal Cost. Don't hesitate to contact me directly if you have additional questions on what it takes to find the best baby, child or family photographer in New Bern for you!